Benefits of Arts Programs and Performing Classes for Kids

Posted: February 24, 2020

The benefits of arts programs and performing classes for kids are valuable and numerous. Some of the benefits include improved emotional, social, academic skills. Numerous studies have shown that participating in an arts program has improved enhanced cognitive, motor and social skills in children.

Arts Programs Help Build Your Children’s Self-Confidence

Numerous aspects of performing, such as improvisation in acting class, will help your child build confidence. They will have an opportunity to explore activities outside of their comfort zone, create new ideas, and express themselves in a safe environment. 

Children in performing arts classes stand in front of an audience and deliver a message. They have the opportunity to overcome fears of speaking in front of others and gain the ability to express themselves and their ideas clearly and confidently. During rehearsals, they receive feedback from their teachers and are able to correct their mistakes through guidance and observations.

Drama and Performing Classes Will Help Improve Your Children’s Communication And Concentration Skills

One of the biggest benefits of taking drama and performing classes is that they teach and improve communication skills. Acting lessons will help your child improve their presentation skills, vocal projection, and articulation.

They will also become better listeners through taking stage directions from instructors, collaborating with others, and coming together to work towards a common goal. From challenges such as learning lines to remembering their acting cues, your child will improve their memory and concentration skills as well.

Improve Academic Performance

On-stage performances don’t just help develop and foster your child’s creativity, the skills that they learn lead to higher academic achievement as well as confidence in themselves.

It’s Fun!

Arts programs and performing classes are a fun and creative outlet for your child. They are safe spaces where they can express themselves, explore their emotions, and improve their unique talents. Whether your child likes to sing, dance, or prefers organizing people behind the scenes, there is something for them in the arts that will allow them to do what they love, while also being exposed to new activities and people.

Evidently, performing arts programs are a great way for your child to meet new people while doing something that they love. If your child is interested in musical theatre and you’d like to enroll them in a program that they will enjoy, look no further than Lights Up Musical Theatre Schools. Register your child for spring break or a summer camp today!

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