Covid-19 Procedures & Guidelines

LIGHTS UP – COVID-19 Safety Plan, Procedures & Guidelines (updated May, 2022)

1, Drop off and pick up to take place outside if possible and practical:

Our staff will be outside to facilitate drop off and pick up. Parents are asked to limit entering our facilities to reduce contacts as much as possible, other than organized and planned events.

2, Masks

As per the latest PHO, masks are no longer required to be worn but staff and participants whilst at Lights Up, Inside or outside.

We understand that the continued wearing of masks is a personal choice, parents, students and teachers can choose to wear masks at any time if they wish.

3, Attention to cleaning and sanitizing:

High touch surfaces (doorknobs etc.) to be wiped down periodically during the session. Special attention will be paid to common areas such as washrooms etc.

4, Handwashing or sanitizing at frequent intervals throughout the session:

Special attention to hand cleanliness before and after snack breaks. Hand washing/Sanitizing on arrival and before leaving the building.

5, Limited class sizes: 

We have reduced our class sizes in all programs and camps to allow more spacing between students in the classroom and during group activities.

6, Performances:

As restrictions ease we will be re-introducing live performances when possible. There are currently no PHO’s in place that limit live performances, but individual venues may still have their own requirements or restrictions in place which we will respect at all times.

7, No students or staff to attend if they have any Covid-19 like symptoms. Until a negative test result is obtained.

8, Parents required to verify wellness of students:

Parents will be required to verify that their child and members of their household are free of Covid-19 like symptoms before attending Lights Up programs. We request that parents contact Lights Up immediately if this situation changes during our 10-week class term, during the scheduled camp days and for 14 days afterwards. This also applies to Lights Up staff.

9, Any student showing symptoms during the day will be isolated and supervised away from their classmates by a staff member and parent will be contacted for collection from the program.

10, Being mindful of social distancing at all times:

The BC Centre for Disease Control recognizes that physical distancing for children is difficult. Instead, the focus should be on avoiding physical contact where possible. With this in mind, we will be avoiding activities and games that involve physical contact and close proximity to others.

11, Lights Up uses rented venues:

All Lights Up programs use rented venues, in order to be allowed to rent space we must adhere to EACH venue’s specific Covid-19 procedures and guidelines. These include individual room capacities, washroom protocol, adequate social distancing in common areas, following specific cleaning procedures and additional safety protocols that may be in place on top of Lights Up procedures and guidelines.

12, All Lights Up locations have a non-teaching manager on site to ensure the smooth running of the program, its their responsibility to ensure Lights Up specific Covid-19 guidelines are followed as well as any venue specific Covid-19 policies are adhered to on an ongoing basis.

For more information on current recommendations and operating guidelines Lights Up will be following during this pandemic, please see the following links:

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