Why Enrolling Your Child in Musical Theatre Class Is A Great Idea?

Posted: February 7, 2020

Exposing and encouraging your child to participate in musical theatre at a young age is highly beneficial to their growth emotionally, socially, mentally and even academically. You may be hesitant, as your child may not have expressed a desire to pursue musical theatre. However, as with many other hobbies and extracurricular activities, children may not have shown a desire to join at first, but fell in love with it once they did.

Musical theatre teaches children far more than how to dance, sing and act. It instills valuable teachings and enhances social, motor and cognitive skills overall. Check out ‘Lights Up Theatre Schools’ article on why you should enroll your child in musical theatre classes in Vancouver.

1. Theatre Encourages Kids to Develop A Sense of Self 

Children often have difficulty developing a sense of self and feeling confidence in their identity. Theatre classes in singing, dance and acting allow children to become more expressive, confident and creative in an environment that allows them to feel comfortable doing so. Exploring activities that take children out of their comfort zone, such as improvisation to dancing or singing on stage, allows them to overcome fears, build confidence and develop quick problem-solving skills with an audience. These traits will benefit them for the rest of their lives in social situations, throughout their careers and beyond.

2. Builds Strong Friendships

It’s important for children to develop strong friendships both in school and outside of school. This encourages them to be comfortable and willing to meet others and make friends from diverse backgrounds. This expands their friendship group and encourages shy children to open up and overcome social anxieties by becoming comfortable to express themselves alongside their like-minded classmates. Many children remain in theatre programs or singing, dance and acting classes well into their teens or adult life. That could mean your child is making lifelong friends!

3. Teaches Responsibility

Taking classes in Musical Theater encourages kids to learn specific moves, techniques, skills and take responsibility for their actions. Learning and memorizing specific songs, lines and dance moves is crucial. When you are in any type of production, you are joining a team, every cast member relies on the other cast members to make the show work. This will teach children the importance of respect, keeping a promise and working as a team. Taking directions from dance, acting and singing instructors also promotes children to listen to authority, improve their memory, concentration and overall focus.

Lights Up Musical Theatre Schools helps kids to develop skills that will last a lifetime! Whether they’re interested in our regular weekend classes offered across the Lower Mainland or our week-long seasonal camps, Lights Up is the perfect extracurricular activity to help them grow and shine!

Find out more about Lights Up Musical Theatre Schools online, join our upcoming spring term weekend classes or book a Spring Break or Summer Camp.

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