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meet the team

Please read through the below bios to learn about our talented teachers.

Lights Up Musical Theatre Schools: Sing, Dance, Act, Shine!


Lights Up Musical Theatre Schools run weekly classes as well as week long camps for Lower Mainland children and teens aged between 3 and 18 yrs old.


At Lights Up, we teach musical theatre fundamentals that help students shine on stage and in all aspects of their lives.


You don’t have to be a budding starlet to benefit from our programs. Theatre is more about the process than the end production. Students learn to work in teams, solve problems, build confidence, be creative, and explore their talents while also making new friends.


Whether your child randomly bursts into song and dance or is shy and needs theatre to find his or her voice, Lights Up is the perfect extracurricular activity.

Hilary Wight
Artistic Director

Hilary is originally from London, UK where she worked as a singer in Musical Theatre for over 10 years,
Hilary is passionate about providing theatre opportunities to children that contribute to their growth not only in performance skills but in all areas of their lives. Running theatre programs in Vancouver since moving here on 2006,  Hilary has unique experience and skills to help each student find their inner star.
Hilary has produced shows for our students in some of Vancouver’s finest theatres including the Queen Elizabeth and The Orpheum.

Mike Wight
School Director - Vancouver Eastside

Mike moved to Canada from the UK originally to snowboard and enjoy our outdoor lifestyle and then found himself running theatre schools with his wife Hilary.
Mike runs our Eastside schools and is our general admin superstar. He also paints some beautiful sets and is prop master extraordinaire! Mike thoroughly enjoys working with children and is proud to be involved with providing these great experiences to our youth.

Billie Murphy
School Director - Vancouver Westside

Billie is the school director at Lights Up’s Vancouver Westside location. She believes that students should be themselves and, when it comes to performing, always remember that the audience wants them to succeed. In high school, Billie sang for the Queen of England during one of her royal visits. If she were to randomly sing any song out loud it would be “I’m Still Standing”, by Elton John.

Billie trained in New York before returning to Vancouver to share her passion for musical theatre with young people.

Jessica Kelly
School Director / The Company

Jessica is the school director at Lights Up North Vancouver. She also teaches dance and The Company at the Vancouver Eastside location and runs Lights Up parties. She believes there are no small parts, only small actors, so it’s fitting that pint-sized Tinkerbell was her favourite childhood character. Jessica has had a lot of cool performance opportunities, but touring across Spain tops the list. If she were to randomly burst into song, it would definitely be to Adele’s “Hello”.

Jessica has been teaching and performing musical theatre and dance across the Lower Mainland for more than 10 years.

Kim Stordy
School Director - Langley

Bringing ‘Savoir Faire’ and applying her knowledge to running theatre schools now for six years. Kim’s favorite days of the week are spent with her students! Developing creativity, passion, skills and help prepare them for a life of success.

Kim’s academic achievements are in Business/Financial Management, Leadership, Recreation & Physical Education, Visual/Applied & Performing Art’s for Children & Adult’s for over thirty-five years. Kim has worked with Community & Rehabilitation Centers, Daycares, Charities, Resorts, Theatre, Acting & Modeling Agencies in the Lower Mainland.

Claire Rice
Vancouver Eastside/Westside

Claire has a playful backstage presence. To prevent stage fright, she tries to make fellow actors laugh. This philosophy stems from a piece of advice she once received: “Don’t worry, nobody else knows what they are doing either”. Jesse L. Martin is Claire’s favourite actor for his heartbreaking performance in Rent. He lives in Vancouver, so she hopes to bump into him one day. At Lights Up, you will find Claire teaching drama at the Eastside and Westside locations.


What ages do you offer classes for?

We offer classes for students between the ages of three and 19. Children are split into age appropriate groups.

How long is a term at Lights Up?

There are three terms per year: Winter, Fall, and Spring. Each term is 10 weeks long. During the summer and spring break, we also offer week-long day camps.

When are the classes?

The days and times of Lights Up classes vary from school to school. Our classes are never during school hours. Most locations run programs on weekend mornings and afternoons.

What does my child need to wear to Lights Up?

When you first join Lights Up, you are required to pay a $25 registration fee. This covers the cost of a t-shirt that must be worn to classes, a bag and a folder for storing lyrics and scripts. We encourage children to pair their Lights Up shirt with black leggings or sweat pants. Jazz shoes, ballet slippers or gym slippers are compulsory footwear and can be purchased at any dance store. Some Lights Up schools offer discount cards for local dance stores.

What if I am not able to attend a class?

If you find that you are unable to attend your usual Lights Up class, please contact your Lights Up principal, giving as much notice as possible. We encourage students to attend every week, but understand that this is not always possible.

What performance opportunities do you offer?

At Lights Up, we do three performances a year. Performances vary from in-house presentations to large-scale productions at some of Vancouver’s finest theatres. Find out more here.

What if my child doesn’t like Lights Up?

We are sure your child will enjoy their time at Lights Up. However, when you enroll, we take a deposit that covers the first two weeks of classes. If you are not completely satisfied after the first two weeks, you are able to withdraw at no additional cost.

How can you help if my child is interested in performing professionally?

We cater to children of all abilities – from the very shy to those who are beginning to perform professionally. Our principals and teachers are all professionals in the performing arts industry and are happy to advise and offer suggestions for those wishing to perform professionally.

How is Lights Up different from other theatre schools?

We cater to the individual needs of each student. Whether children need a boost in self-confidence or want to become professional actors, we can help and support them on their journeys. We offer well-rounded programs that cover singing, dancing and acting in the same place at the same time. So, there’s no need to drive around to different locations for different classes.

Who teaches the classes?

All of our teachers are trained in performing arts. Many of them have worked professionally and some are still regular performers in the Vancouver theatre community. To find out more about our teachers, click here.

How do I register?

You can register online or over the phone by calling your local Lights Up school.

How much do your classes cost?

Please click the class page relevant to your son or daughter’s age below for more information about fees.

Sparkles (ages 3-4)
Starlight (ages 5-6)
Spotlight (ages 6-14)
Lights Up – The Company (ages 14-19)
Summer Camps (4-14)

What is your cancellation policy?

Should circumstances change and cancellation of an upcoming program is needed, a minimum of 14 days is required BEFORE the commencement date of the program in order to receive a deposit or fee refund. Cancellations and refunds within the 14-day time frame are to the discretion of Lights Up. Lights Up is an ongoing program and therefore current students have a guaranteed place for the next session. Confirmation of attendance is required in writing, via email or requested forms etc. in order to hold your place for a subsequent session. The $25 one time sign-up fee includes a Lights Up shirt, bag, folder and pen and is payable at 1st signup only. The sign-up fee is non-refundable for cancellations, to the discretion of Lights Up.