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Dance Classes North Vancouver

Explore our core musical theatre skills program.


Children and teens step into the Spotlight in Lights Up’s comprehensive musical theatre program. Weekly sessions are divided into three separate hour-long classes of singing, dancing and acting. Students are grouped based on age, so they can focus on skill building with their peer group.


Students develop vocal technique and confidence through games and exercises that improve rhythm, pitch, and volume-control. Class work focuses on group singing of material drawn from the Broadway and pop repertoire with a focus on fun and performance.


The Spotlight dance curriculum combines basic dance technique with fun musical theatre choreography. Expect to learn basic dance steps, prepare and perform choreography, and explore different dance genres and styles. High energy and appropriate for all levels and experience.


Unleash your ideas and step into different worlds, characters and stories in the Spotlight drama class! Our drama classes embrace imagination and include script work, improvisation, and confidence building games that will make you shine when on stage in front of a crowd.


These three classes compliment each other and give students a solid foundation to bring their performance abilities to the next level.


For children and teens age 6 – 13 (students are divided by age)

3 hours of classes per week

Term Fee $545 (+GST), 10 weeks, 30hrs

$100 deposit to register (deducted from fee balance due later)


*Enrolling a sibling? Lights Up offers a 50% class fee discount for our student’s siblings joining our Spotlight or ‘The Company’ programs.

Discount will be applied when your place is confirmed in the class.

We offer an ongoing wait list for any full classes, of your preferred class is showing full below, please ‘CONTACT US’  to join the wait list. Wait list places are offered in order received as places open.

**sign up for new students includes a one-time sign-up/student kit fee of $30. New students will receive a shirt, bag, water bottle, folder for use in classes. This fee is waived for returning/continuing students of weekend programs.

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Dance Classes North Vancouver
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