Join our Musical Theatre Camps in Langely!

About the Camp

Students are split into age groups and spend the week exploring our fun themes, building friendships, and dipping their toes into the wonderful world of musical theatre. No previous experience is necessary to join our camps!


Each themed camp is designed to appeal to all students and are led by our experienced and energetic staff. Campers build scenes and learn songs and dances that come together in a fabulous show which friends and family are invited to attend on the last day of camp!

Like all Lights Up programs, our camps teach children to work in teams, build confidence, make new friends, of course, Sing, Dance & Act, but most of all HAVE FUN!


Discounts available!

We offer discounts for siblings also attending camps and for students attending multiple camps in our 2023 season!

Sibling discounts* – Half day camps – Siblings registering alongside their other sibling(s) get $25 off the camp fee. Full day camps – Siblings registering alongside their other sibling(s) get $50 off the camp fee.

Multiple camp discounts* – Planning on attending multiple camps? Second and subsequent camps receive $25 (half day) and $50 (full day) discount on each camp!

*The first sibling registered is at the regular fee, 2nd and subsequent siblings qualify for the discounted rate. Your child’s first camp of the year is regular rate, all additional camps receive the discounted rate. Sibling and multiple discounts cannot be combined, the greatest discount amount of either will be applied. Discounts are automatically applied after sign up.


We offer an ongoing wait list for any full classes, if your preferred class is showing full below, please Contact Us to join the wait list. Wait list places are offered in order received as places open.



Half Day Camps

For 4-6 year olds
Monday – Friday
9:15am – 12:15pm


$50 deposit to book each camp (deducted from balance of fees due later)

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Full Day Camps

For 6-12 year olds
Monday – Friday
9:00am – 3:00pm


$50 deposit to book each camp (deducted from balance of fees due later)

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Summer Camps in Langley:

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2023 Camp Themes:

HALF DAY CAMPS (4-6 years)

9.15am-12.15pm, Mon-Fri, Show for parents at 11.30am on Friday!

Little Performers

13th-17th March, 9.15am-12.15pm

Do you have a kid at home that was born to entertain? Then this camp is for you! Our little performers will sing, act and dance their way on stage, and into your hearts! It’s showtime!

Mini Pops

20th-24th March, 9.15am-12.15pm

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to bop! This summer our campers will be finding their groove with material inspired by our favorite movies and kid friendly pop tunes.


3rd-7th July, 9.15am-12.15pm

Join us for a camp dedicated to the smash hit Encanto. Sing and dance to your favorite songs and create a magical world inspired by the film. Visit Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, and of course….we don’t talk about…Bruno!

Fairytale Magic

10th-14th July, 9.15am-12.15pm

Characters leap off the page and come to life as we put a “Lights Up spin” on some classic tales using magical material from your favourite films and stories. Using the power of acting, dance and song, we will create a story to fire the imaginations of our youngest performers.

Trolls Megamix

17th-21st July, 9.15am-12.15pm

Join the happiest, most colourful crew around! Sing and dance with Poppy, Branch, and the rest of the crew in this week of Troll themed fun. No smile is too big and no hair is too tall in this week of summer fun.


24th-28th July, 9.15am-12.15pm

This summer, let’s get Frozen again! We are always excited to be visit Elsa, Anna, and the gang, no matter the season! Take turns pretending to be your favourite characters. Sing songs and dance to hits from the movies.

Out of this World!

31st July-4th August, 9.15am-12.15pm

Let’s dive into the Milky Way to join our space friends for an intergalactic dance party! Get on your rocket ships and be ready to blast off: we’re all going to be shooting stars this week in our out of this world camp.

Raining Cats & Dogs

8th-11th August, 9.15am-12.15pm (4 day camp)

Grab your umbrellas, it’s raining cats and dogs! Our furry friends will be singing in the rain, preparing a purr-fect performance of creative and cuddly acting, singing and dancing!

Prehistoric Party

14th-18th August, 9.15am-12.15pm

It’s a modern Stone Age musical theatre camp! Join us for a fun romp through prehistoric playtime. We will be singing and dancing to songs inspired by dinosaurs and other creatures, using our imagianations to create fantastic worlds. Whether your favorite dino is purple, pink, or green, you’ll have a stomping good time!

Under The Sea...

21st-25th August, 9.15am-12.15pm

Life under the sea really is better! This is the week where mermaids and sea creatures come out to sing, dance, and play. Explore under the sea without getting wet!

FULL DAY CAMPS (6-12 years)

9am-3pm, Mon-Fri, Show for parents at 2pm on Friday!

Broadway & Beyond

13th-17th March, 9am-3pm

Get those toe-tapping feet and jazz hands ready! This camp is all about The Great White Way…Broadway! Sing and dance to Broadway favourites old and new as we dive into the world of Musical Theatre, sequins, top hats, and tails. There’s no business like show business (or camp!)

Lights Up goes POP!

20th-24th March, 9am-3pm

Get ready to pop and rock! This summer we will be singing, dancing, and acting to pop hits from across the ages. Parents will be sure to sing a long at the pop-tastic performance on Friday!

Movie Musicals

3rd-7th July, 9am-3pm

Love singing and dancing to the music from your favourite movies? This Summer we will sing and dance to music from our favourite hits from the silver screen. We’re all in this together, so step into a magical musical world with us!

From Page to Stage

10th-14th July, 9am-3pm

Step onto the page of your favorite books! We will travel from the revolting world of Matilda and other Dahl favorites to the magic of Harry Potter and beyond, with other favorite stories along the way. Your favorite books will leap off the page and onto the stage!

Monster Mash-Up

17th-21st July, 9am-3pm

It’s a Monster Mash! From the friendly monsters of Monsters Inc, to creepy zombies, we will bring Halloween to the summer! Sing and dance to songs inspired by the world of monsters, zombies, and more. We will create a fun, zany, and never scary world!

Neverland Adventures

24th-28th July, 9am-3pm

Inspired by the boy who won’t grow up, Peter Pan, join us on a journey to Neverland! Pirates, crocodiles, fairies and kids who can fly all feature in our camp that will take you on a an adventure through your imagination.

Into the Future

31st July-4th August, 9am-3pm

Attention time travelers, scientists and space explorers…we are going into the future! Sing and dance in dimensions you never have before. With time traveling inventions never seen before and blasts through the atmosphere, we will create our own space odyssey through singing, dancing, and acting. Get ready to venture into the unknown!

The Greatest Circus

8th-11th August, 9am-3pm (4 day camp)

This is the greatest show! Come under the big top with us and explore the topsy turvy world of the circus. Acrobats, clowns, ring masters and other characters come together this summer as we sing, dance, and act to favorite songs from musicals and movies about the world of the circus!

Kids - Centre Stage!

14th-18th August, 9am-3pm

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway – but they’re brightest for kids! Come sing, dance and act this summer in scenes inspired by shows featuring kids in starring roles. All your favourite feisty orphans, rebellious school children, and other show stopping kids come together this summer.

90's Mixtape

21st-25th August, 9am-3pm

Your kiddos will travel back through the decades to the time of boy bands, pop stars and dance parties as they learn. The 90’s are back, and we will act, sing and dance our way through the best decade!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a camp place?

Click on our camps page, from there you will see links to the different areas of the Lower Mainland we have camps operating, hit the closest page to your home. Select the camp you wish to register for. We only collect a $50 deposit to book your spot, with the remaining fee balance payable 30 days before the camp begins. We will email you enrolment confirmation, camp details, fee balance reminders etc.

What are the camp age ranges? Can kids do either half or full day camps?

Half day camps are for kids ages 4-6yrs. Full day camps are for 6-13yrs. If your child is 6yrs old they can attend either the half or full day camps.

As Half day camp material is designed for children 4-6yrs, students over 6 yrs of age may find the pace of our half day camp too slow, so please register for the full day options.

My child is new to theatre, or had little or no experience, can they still join a camp?

Yes! No previous experience is necessary to join any Lights Up camp or program. Our camps welcome both complete beginners and experienced students. This makes for a great dynamic within our camp groups.

What songs and dances will my child be learning on camp?

Camp material varies from week to week and we do not pre-set the curriculum but its based around the weeks theme. Our experienced instructors select material that will suit each individual class and camp. This flexibility allows us to tailor the experience to every child and every class!

Are there additional costs on top of fees for camps?

No! Any costume pieces or props are provided by Lights Up. We may ask kids to wear 'colours' for show day. There are no tickets for camp shows on Friday, everyone is welcome to attend free of charge. You will need to send a packed lunch/snack for breaktime.

Which camp theme should I pick?

Camps all follow the same structure, with a different theme each week. This allows children to attend several Lights Up camps in a season, but never repeat material and keeps things fresh for our instructors. We suggest you sign up for the weeks that work best for you, regardless of theme. All camps are equally fun to be part of!

Do kids need lunch at camps?

Yes! We don't provide food on camp. Please being a school style packed lunch for full day camps, we usually spend time in local parks for lunch and games (weather permitting). For half day camps, please being snacks for our break time.

What are the camp hours?

Camps are 5 days long Monday-Friday. Half day camps run 9.15am-12.15pm. Full day camps run 9am-3pm.We hold a performance for family on the Friday, 11.45am for Half day campers, 2pm for full day campers.

What do I wear to camp?

Light clothing that easy to move in. Track pants and a t shirt are perfect, shorts in the summer months as we do move about a lot and it gets hot! Dance specific footwear is not required for camps but if you have them already please wear them as they aid dance. If not please wear light indoor, non marking soled shoes. NO crocks or flipflops etc.. these can be dangerous for dancing. NO outdoor hiking shoes or gumboots please. If you wear to camp please bring something lighter and indoor to change into... Just like school!  

How is Lights Up different from other theatre schools?

We cater to the individual needs of each student. Whether children need a boost in self-confidence or want to become professional actors, we can help and support them on their journeys. We offer well-rounded programs that cover singing, dancing and acting in the same place at the same time. So, there’s no need to drive around to different locations for different classes.

Who teaches the classes?

All of our teachers are trained in performing arts. Many of them have worked professionally and some are still regular performers in the Vancouver theatre community. To find out more about our teachers, click here.

My child is disabled or has special needs, can they attend Lights Up?

Yes! Lights Up is a fully inclusive program and EVERYONE of age is welcome to try our programs, regardless of their situation or condition. Be it a physical or learning disability, your child is welcome to try our classes. Our group class environment and supportive teachers make for a welcoming and fun experience for everyone. Many of our facilities are wheelchair accessible and we do our best to accommodate students individual needs, whatever they may be. We suggest you reach out to us by CONTACTING US prior to registration to discuss your child's specific requirements so we can formulate a plan to make their first classes welcoming and fun.

My child is very shy. Will Lights Up help them?

Yes! We value meeting students where they are at and helping them to gain confidence and overcome barriers. Many students flourish at Lights Up and other aspects of their lives after being very hesitant to join in at first.

What is your cancellation policy if we need to cancel or change a program?

We understand circumstances change, especially with our busy and often complicated kids schedules! Our terms and conditions allow for stress free switching of classes, timely cancellations, credits and refunds. Please visit this link for our full terms and conditions for registration; Lights Up Sign Up Terms & Conditions

Do you charge a costume fee for performances?

No! Any costumes required are provided by Lights Up. If we do ask for costuming from home it is minimal (ex. a white t shirt). When performing in a theatre, we do sell tickets to cover basic rental costs, but prices are kept at a minimum to make the experience affordable for family and friends.

What do we need to pay to register?

All programs require a deposit to register and hold your place in your chosen program. Deposits are deducted from the balance of fees due for the term of classes or camp, which is payable 30 days before the commencement of the program (we will send you reminders for this!). Deposits per student for weekly programs are; $75 for Starlight, $100 for Spotlight and the Company. For camps a deposit of $50 is required to book each camp for each student. Deposits are collected via credit card on the website using the STRIPE payment system, or over the phone by calling us to register.

What ages do you offer classes for?

We offer weekly classes for students between the ages of 3 and 18yrs; Starlight for 3-5yrs, Spotlight for 6-13yrs (students are divided into 3 different groups, split by age) and The Company for 13-18yrs. Spring Break and Summer Camps are for 4-12yr olds, half day camps for 4-6yrs, full day camps for 6-12yrs. Students are divided into groups, split by age. After School programs take place in elementary schools by arrangement with the school/PAC. These programs are for grades K and up.

Will my child be with other children their age? What if they have no prior experience?

At Lights Up, we believe in grouping students by age, not experience or skill level. Students are split into class groups based on age in all our programs and camps so peer groups are maintained and new friendships can flourish!

When are the classes?

Weekly classes run on Saturdays and Sundays (select programs), either morning or afternoon. Day camps run Mon-Fri during Spring break and Summer holidays. Afterschool programs (by arrangement of the school PAC) can operate on select days immediately after school finishes.

What does my child need to wear to Lights Up?

When you first join Lights Up weekend programs, you pay a one-time $30 sign up/kit fee. This covers the cost of your student kit including; T-Shirt, a bag and a folder for storing lyrics and scripts. We encourage children to pair their Lights Up shirt with black leggings or sweat pants. Dance shoes (Jazz Shoes or gym slippers for younger students) are required footwear for our Spotlight and Company programs, they prevent slips and trips and aid dance technique, these can be purchased at any dance store. Students attending Starlight programs, camps or after-school programs DO NOT require specific dance footwear, please wear indoor type shoes (no gum boots, crocs, flip flips etc..)

What if I am not able to attend a class?

We encourage students to attend every week, but understand that this is not always possible but having notice of absences helps us plan accordingly, if you will be missing a class one week or a day or camp please email us via any email we have sent you.

Still have Questions?

Visit our FAQ, CONTACT US or give us a call 1-888-502-5253

Read our FAQ

Lights Up Summer Camps are a fantastic outlet!

My daughter has attended camps for several years at Lights Up! She always has a blast, makes new friends and spends the week singing and dancing at home! Its a great creative and learning outlet during the holidays. Far more than just daycare and play! Highly recommend.

Parent of (currently) an 11yr old

We really appreciate how organized and fun Lights Up camps are! Our 5yr old really enjoyed the 2 camps she attended. Not only do they dance and sing to their hearts content, there’s time for art and creativity too! We will be back this Spring and Summer!

5 yr old's Mom

Our son was pretty shy about joining this camp but came home beaming after his first day! The staff make everyone welcome and the varied activities keep them engaged all day! We really enjoyed his first show too! See you next year!

Dad of 7yr old

Our kids and family friends have attended several Lights Up camps together the past few seasons. They always have a lot of fun, enjoy working together and making new friends also on the camp. Its definitely a highlight of the summer for them!

Mom of siblings 7 and 9yrs.

There’s a lot of fun to be had at these camps! Our kids were excited to go and came home each day full of songs and stories of the fun they were having. The show on Friday was great fun, their grandparents who were visiting from China came to watch it too. Hilarious! We were very impressed with the teachers and the camp as a whole.

Mrs Chu
Parent of 2 siblings on a full day camp in 2022