Performance Opportunities

Drama Classes North Vancouver

Students work hard throughout the year and are excited to show off their skills to friends and family. Lights Up offers various performance opportunities – from smaller, in-house presentations to full-scale productions in some of the Lower Mainland’s top theatres.

In-House Presentations

Our in-house presentations give every child and teen the chance to shine. These intimate presentations occur at our class venues and ease students into performance in a comfortable and familiar environment. This is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and grow to meet new challenges with grace and self-confidence.

End of Year Shows

Our students have opportunities to perform full musical theatre productions with their classmates at the end of each school year. With costumes, sets and props, our students get to taste the thrill of performing live in a professional theatre*.

Major Performances and Events

Lights Up gives budding actors the training they need to impress audiences Different Lights Up schools join forces for regional performances at some of Vancouver’s most prestigious venues, including The Queen Elizabeth Theatre, The Play House and the Orpheum. Performing in front of audiences of up to 1,500 people in these wonderful theatres is an experience many of our students will never forget*.

Lights Up students can feel especially proud knowing their efforts at these regional events raise funds for the local charity KidSafe, which ensures our communities’ vulnerable youth also have a chance to participate in extracurricular activities.

* Theatre performances usually are ticketed, however prices are kept minimal to cover additional theatre costs only. Proceeds of major performances and events are donated to the children’s charity Kidsafe.

Drama Classes North Vancouver
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