Trafalgar Elementary

Sing, Dance, Act, SHINE after school with Lights Up Musical Theatre Schools


Welcome back to our longest running after school program at Trafalgar Elementary! Lights Up Musical Theatre Schools teaches singing, dancing and acting classes to children and teens, with an emphasis on fun and confidence!

Let off steam and sing, dance, and act your way towards the weekend with our Friday after school program! Our talented and experienced Lights Up Musical Theatre Schools instructors will lead your child through a fun 2 hour class geared towards learning performance skills in a fun, safe environment. These classes are a unique introduction to our weekend Lights Up programs and provide students with an enriching, rewarding, and most of all, fun afterschool activity at Trafalgar, right at the bell!

Students will be supervised from dismissal at Trafalgar. No need to pick up your child until 5.15pm!

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Check out our Fall dance video below for a glimpse into the Trafalgar program!

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